How Did Benjamin Franklin Contribute To The Declaration Of Independence

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Benjamin Franklin, is known as one of the founding fathers who drafted the Declaration Of Independence and the constitution of the United States. Among other titles, he is recognized as a diplomat, scientist, inventor, and a writer who decided to write an autobiography on himself. He wrote his Autobiography for his son and generally talked about what he had to go through to end up happy as he did, before he died. His autobiography was basically a shared memory, through writing, on a permanent document that can last longer, in contrast to his body. Although Benjamin Franklin did not finish his autobiography what he had written so far influenced us as his readers to see him as a well rounded person because he is independent, determined, and inspirational. …show more content…

“..a Boy of but 17, without the least Recommendation to or Knowledge of any Person in the Place, and with very little Money in my Pocket.” (261) This quote explains how at a very young age he left home with very little money and this demonstrates how he started with nothing. From the age of 17 he went of on his own and at the end of lifetime he was very happy because of how far he had gotten with the little he started with. To be independent means that you have the ability to support yourself and live your life on your own and that is what Benjamin Franklin did. He decided to travel state to state to find where he would be able to be successful, find opportunities, and build his own business. “Most Part of the Time, I work’d hard at my Business, and spent but little upon myself except in seeing Plays, and in Books. “(280) As he grew older he ended up finding a way to do what he wanted, which was to build his own business. it took Franklin awhile to get where he wanted to because of his young age , but he ended up managing to do it himself with very little support from his family. Being independent for Benjamin Franklin literally meant to do things by yourself , for yourself, and with little

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