A Boy At War Essay

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Pearl Harbor is just one event that has shaped American history. With this being a topic of interest to many, authors like to use it as a setting for a fictional story. As a reader, it is important to remember that when reading historical fiction, some elements of the story will be truth while others will be made up. In the book A Boy at War it would seem that the author Harry Mazer was concerned about making a book book as well as it portraying history. In A Boy at War, By: Harry Mazer it is action packed, exciting and fun while being terrorizing all in one book. In summary,there is a kid named Adam, whose dad is in the navy, and their family lives in Honolulu, Hawaii. Adam keeps moving schools so he can 't sustain friends, but finds friends in Davi and Martin who are Japanese. Adam and his friends go for a trip together and that 's when Pearl Harbor is bombed. When Pearl Harbor is bombed Adam helps out the navy in the bombing. He …show more content…

First, in the book Boy at War underwater missiles hit the USS Arizona and caused a big explosion, also 355 planes flying low to the ground. Which, according to history.com is incorrect the USS Arizona sunk due to a 800 kilogram bomb, which made a huge explosion. Also, according to history.com the Japanese did attack pearl harbor with 300+ airplanes. Likewise, in a Boy at War there is a Chinatown in Honolulu, Hawaii, which according to discover.com there was a Chinatown in Hawaii during Pearl Harbors bombing. Next, in a Boy at War the navy was repairing the ships, and according to pearlharboroahu.com all of the ships except the USS Arizona, the USS Utah and the USS Oklahoma were repaired for battle in WWII. In a Boy at War the characters are huge facts, but according to answers.com they are not real. In conclusion, a Boy at War is mostly historically accurate and Harry Mazer did a good job incorporating real life events with fake

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