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In the book, Soldier Boys, by Dean Hughes two boys who are on opposite sides of the war tell their struggles and stories of battle in the War and how their two different lives collide together. The author of the book, Dean Hughes, has spent 7 years doing research on World War II and finding information about the war. Dean Hughes has interviewed war veterans, studied newspapers that were written in the time of World War II, and read hundreds of books like, “The Burden of Hitler 's Legacy” by Alfons Hecks to help his understanding of this time period and events. With all this information and facts he collected, he wrote the book, Soldier Boys. The years that World War II took place was in between 1939 to 1945 and around those years the holocaust …show more content…

On page 79 it states, “ Then the Fuhrer handed Dieter the medal.” Another symbol was Spencer’s heart. Spencer’s heart was the thing that made him join the army but also made him lose his life because he felt like he had to save the boy on the hill ( Dieter ). On page 22 it states, “ I think that you want to prove something to LuAnn Crow-ther.”

In Solider Boys, two significant characters are Dieter and Spencer. First, Dieter is a 10 year old boy who is a member of the German “ Young People”. Dieter knows all about the last war and wants to fight and bring pride to his family. He is a strong boy and is a Scharfuhrer. Dieter is a brave boy and very smart. Another major character in the book is Spencer. Spencer’s brother Robert wants to sign up for war and Spence wants to fight in the war but his dad has other plans for him. When he gets into the war he wants to go to Airborne training. He is a brave and loving kid. Spencer meets Dieter in the end of the story by trying to save him but ends up dying in the process. By the end of the story I can say that Dieter and Spencer were round characters. Both of these boys were affected by war and changed. For Schaefer he was a static character. Two characters who acted as a foil for

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