Significance Of Dieter Body Paragraph In Dean Hughes's 'Soldier Boys'

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“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”-Adolf Hitler. These are the things Hitler did to the Germans. He convinced so many people that he was right and that Germany was the victim of everything that the Allies did to them. It eventually reached to kids and that's what happens with the young boy Dieter in Soldier Boys by Dean Hughes.
In this novel the fifth teen year old boy Dieter who grew up in Germany and was put into the Hitler Youth. He was convinced to to do anything, even die for Hitler. He ends up going to war and his faith is tested. In the novel, Soldier Boys by Dean Hughes the author conveys the message that one shouldn’t believe everything one is told. This is shown though Dieter …show more content…

Dieter strong belief that Hitler or Hans his leader are never wrong. Whatever they say he believes.
“Dieter had also heard Hitler’s fine speech to his people Germany didn’t want war, he said, but Poland had provoked this battle, and now the German army -the Wehrmacht-would show its valor.
Dieter thrilled to the words, hoping that the day would come when he could prove himself…” (Hughes 6)
This shows that he blindly follows Hitler from his speech even though other Germans know that Hitler is lying or is stupid showed thought out the book
Hughes shows again that one shouldn't believe everything one is told from
Dieter having one of his soldiers run off on his watch. The soldier was his friend and by the rules he is supposed to attempt to find him, and when he is found execute him
“What about Hoffman?” Dieter …show more content…

Don't die for that pig Hitler.’
But this was too much. ‘You can't say that to me,’ Dieter shouted, and suddenly he lunged at Schaefer, swung his fist at the voice. But he hit the man’s big coat in the chest or shoulder, and then Schaefer grabbed Dieter’s wrist and held it. Dieter tried the other fist this time, and got in a punch at Schaefer's face, but it didn’t seem to move the man, and now he had a hold of both Dieters wrists” (Hughes 123-124). 18. Then, in one to two sentences, explain how the quote supports your third reason.
This shows how much Dieter is willing to do for Hitler and the Natzis. He gets mad at the fact that a higher up soldier calls his lader a pig and that he shouldn't die for Germany. OPTIONAL a second passage supporting this idea. Schaefer tells Dieter that
Topic Sentence: In one sentence, restate your third reason.

Introduction (context): In one to two sentences, tell what is happening in the book when this passage occurs. Write a quotation from the book that supports your third reason (subpoint 3):
“ “ (author page #). Then, in one to two sentences, explain how the quote supports your

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