Curley's Wife Innocent Analysis

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Attempting to seduce or Innocent Victim? Innocent till proven guilty or Guilty till proven innocent? Curley’s wife, I feel is an innocent victim because she just wanted to talk to someone, only female on the ranch, Curley and his wife don’t get along that well. Curley’s wife in this novel represents loneliness. Moreover she often had no one to talk to. She was habitually rejected by the ranch hands. Curley’s wife was always looking for someone to bend an ear to; she was not trying to seduce them. Curley’s wife is looking for someone who will listen and talk to her. Steinbeck states in the novel that Curley’s wife says “I never get to talk to nobody. I get awful lonely.” (86) In the great depression times women were more for property and …show more content…

There was nowhere in the novel that states there was another female. Curley’s wife didn’t have or wasn’t allowed to have any friends at the ranch. This would contribute to as why she is so lonely. When she did try to make friends with the ranch hands Curley would get mad or they would ignore her. Curley’s wife didn’t understand why they would never talk to her. Curley’s wife states “I get lonely’ she said ‘You can talk yo people, but I can’t talk to nobody but Curley else he gets mad. (Steinbeck 87) Curley’s wife mentions that she had met a man who was going to put her in the movies. That was her dream, the man had told her he would send her letter. Curley’s wife had never received the letter nevertheless blamed her mother for taking the letter. She eventually realized that she needed to settle and that’s how ended up with Curley. Consequently, you are innocent till proven guilty. In the novel you can’t say she did try to seduce the men and you can’t really say she is innocent. Curley’s wife was trapped in a situation she couldn’t get herself out of. In the end she faced a tragic death caused by her loneliness. Curley’s wife’s character expressed that feeling of loneliness, through her

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