Cutaneous Metastasis Research Paper

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Cutaneous metastasis occurs when cancer cells from the body spread secondarily to the skin. Metastatic skin lesions may originate from melanoma or breast, lung, colon, and various other types of cancer. The cancer cells travel through the lymphatics and blood to reach the skin or the cancer may spread directly to the skin through a surgical scar. Skin metastases typically present after the primary cancer has been diagnosed, but in some cases they may be the presenting sign of cancer. The nonspecific skin findings are firm, mobile, painless pink nodules or papules that may become ulcerated. However, the presenting signs of cutaneous metastases vary based on the primary cancer type.
Metastatic breast cancer is one of the most common cancers to present with cutaneous metastasis because of its high prevalence rate. It is the most common form of cutaneous metastasis in women. It may appear on the skin in a number of different ways, although it usually develops on the chest. One of the clinical presentations is called carcinoma erysipeloides, which appears as pink or red raised areas of skin resembling a severe skin infection known as erysipelas or cellulitis. Another form, carcinoma telangiectoides, appears as red-violet papules. Carcinoma en cuirasse presents on the chest as a firm area of skin resembling the texture of an orange …show more content…

The amelanotic form of metastatic melanoma of the skin is a less common presentation and appears as a skin-colored, pink or red skin lesion. The three types of melanoma include ocular, cutaneous, and mucosal malignant melanoma. All of these subtypes have the potential to spread to the skin with advanced disease. However, cutaneous melanoma is the most common source of skin metastases of the three types. Melanoma skin metastases tend to occur on the chest, back, and extremities of men and on the lower extremities in

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