Metastasis Essays

  • Hepatocellular Carcinoma Case Study

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    parameters of patient. Splenic metastases are rarely conditions. But when its present we should make an examination for finding primary tumor. We aimed in this case report when a splenic metastasis occur, we should think hepatocellular carcinoma as a primary tumor. Key words: hepatocellular carcinoma, splenic metastasis,

  • Salivary Carcinoma Case Study

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    Intruduction Salivary duct carcinoma (SDC) is an uncommon, extremely aggressive malignancy arising from the ductal epithelium of salivary glands. Salivary duct carcinoma is an inaccurate name for this entity because other salivary tumors are also of excretory or terminal ductal origin. It was originally reported by Oscar Kleinsasser in 1968 as Speichelgangcarcinome. SDC has been also termed cribiform salivary carcinoma of excretory ducts, intraductal carcinoma, and infiltrating salivary duct carcinoma

  • Luteoma Case Study

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    INTRODUCTION Pregnancy luteomas are benign tumor-like proliferations of the ovary. They are thought to be asymptomatic tumors caused by the hormonal effects of pregnancy (hCG-induced proliferations of luteinized ovarian stromal cells), mostly found in multiparous women. They are usually found incidentally by imaging or during surgery (especially in cesarean section). Although, they are generally recognized incidentally; they may have clinical presentations like of the mother and/or the child;

  • Neuroendocrine Tumor Case Study

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    (NETs) encompass diverse types of tumors arising from neuroendocrine (enterochromaffin) cells found throughout the body. While NETs often have a relatively indolent course, there is a propensity for metastasis to the liver producing the classic carcinoid syndrome of diarrhea and flushing. Metastasis to other sites such as the peritoneum and mesentery is also common {Woodside 2004; Akerstrom 2005} however primary mesenteric NET is rare. We present a 64 year-old man with mesenteric NET without any

  • Cancer Advantages And Disadvantages

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    2. APPROACHES TO TREAT CANCER AND NEED OF INNOVATIVE THERAPEUTIC STRATEGIES Cancer as a disease has been known since long ago and various researchers have tried numerous therapeutic strategies as treatment approaches. Till date rate of occurrence as well as death rates are very high for this disease. Approaches used and are being used include surgery, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy and adjuvant therapy. All these strategies have their own advantages and limitations

  • Speech On Panacea

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    treatment! Now more and more people have cancer, although the science and technology is developed, but the treatment of cancer is not much progress, most cancer patients after radiotherapy chemotherapy, and ultimately because of the proliferation or metastasis of cancer cells, and in pain Died in. So, the treatment of cancer, in the end, there is no panacea it?     Now, this ever-changing society, everyone is faced with changes and pressures, high prices, the work of the work, a dazzling array of goods

  • Bosom Malignancy Case Study

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    Treatment of bosom malignancy Four sorts of standard treatment are utilized: 1. Surgery Most patients with bosom malignancy have surgery to expel the growth from the bosom. The fundamental objective of surgical treatment is to evacuate the growth and precisely characterize the phase of infection. Surgical choices extensively comprise of bosom protection treatment taken after by radiation treatment. Bosom rationing surgery, an operation to evacuate the growth however not the bosom itself,

  • Giant Cell Tumor Case Study

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    5. Schajowicz F, Granato DB, McDonald DJ et al. Clinical and radiological features of atypical giant cell tumours of bone. Br J Radiol 1991; 64: 877-89. 6. Rock MG. Curettage of giant cell tumor of bone. Factors influencing local recurrences and metastasis. Chir Organi Mov 1990; 75 Suppl 1: 204-205. 7. Goldenberg RR, Campbell CJ, Bonfiglio M. Giant cell tumor of bone: an analysis of two hundred and eighteen cases. J Bone Joint Surg 1970; 52-A: 619-664. 8. Jaffe HL, Lichtenstein L, Portis RB. Giant

  • Cancer: The Causes Of Cancer And Cancer

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    Cancer is not one disease, but it is a large group of almost 100 diseases. It is characterized by uncontrolled growth of the cells in the human body and by the ability of these cells to migrate from the original site and spread to other sites. If cancer spread is not controlled, it may leads to death. Normal cells divide into new cells, then die in an orderly fashion. During the first years of a person’s life, normal cells divide faster, and after becoming an adult, cells divide to

  • Essay About Lung Cancer

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    Smoking. 90% in men and 79% in women. Because respiratory organ tissue is soft and spongy, tumors typically grow to advanced stages before inflicting discomfort. As carcinoma is sometimes diagnosed in a very late stage, it's usually already undergone metastasis. Malignant tumors unfold to different areas of the body and destroy traditional tissue. {lung willcer|carcinoma} can metastasise and unfold to different organs within the body typically into the brain, bone marrow, and

  • Disadvantages Of Laparoscopic Surgery

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    improve their life quality.1 Depending on the CRC stage, the patient situation, and the oncologist experience, the treatment choice is determined.1 Oncologists prefer surgical options with the premature CRC stages.1 Surgery is also preferred with metastasis unless the cancer has metastasized to more than one position of the body.2 Surgical options comprise laparoscopic surgery, robotic surgery and open surgery.3 Laparoscopic surgery and robotic surgery are highly advanced and the preferable ones since

  • Von Hippel Lindau Case Study

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    Near total replacement of the pancreas with cysts in a patient with Von Hippel Lindau Disease Abstract: Von Hippel Lindau (VHL) disease can affect various organ systems of the body and is associated with tumors and visceral cysts. Lesions of the pancreas are fairly common leading to the occurrence of simple cysts, serous cystadenoma or solid tumors. We present a rare case of a 35 year old woman previously diagnosed with VHL disease whose pancreas on endoscopic ultrasound was found to be replaced

  • Vulva Case Study

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    LARGE FIBROEPITHELIAL POLYP OF VULVA – A CASE REPORT AND LITERATURE REVIEW ABSTRACT: Fibroepithelial polyp (FEP) is a flesh-colored pedunculated skin tag which has a predilection for axilla, neck, groin, eyelids and beneath breasts. This benign mesenchymal skin lesion is relatively uncommon in female genital tract. When seen in the female genital tract, it is usually observed in vagina. Vulvar cases are rare. Large vulvar cases are very rare. We present a 39 year old female patient who presented

  • Transient Global Amnesia Literature Review

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    ARTICLE REVIEWED: -by vignesh balasundaram Is a Cancer Diagnosis Associated with Subsequent Risk of Transient Global Amnesia? JianweiZhu1, 6*, DonghaoLu1,Olafur Sveinsson2, KarinWirdefeldt1,3 KatjaFall4, FredrikPiehl2, UnnurValdimarsdóttir5, FangFang1 The whole article describes the situation in which the cancer diagnosis process may lead to transient global amnesia {TGA}. Transient global amnesia is a neurological defect which is temporary but

  • Hurthle Cell Carcinoma Case Study

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    Hurthle Cell Carcinoma Hurthle cell carcinoma is a rare type of thyroid cancer that has a bad prognosis (outlook). Under the microscope, Hurthle cells are cells that look bigger than the usual follicular cells of the thyroid. There are several options of treatment for this type of thyroid malignancy, but it is important that it is recognized and treated early. Part 1: What Is Hurthle Cell Carcinoma? Hurthle cell carcinoma makes up only about three percent of all cancers affecting the thyroid gland

  • Essay On Mesothelioma Survival Rate

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    Primary Keyword: mesothelioma survival rates Secondary keyword: 1) Methods to Improve Your Mesothelioma Survival Rate 2) Mesothelioma Prognosis | Understanding Survival and Cures A Brief Introduction: Mesothelioma is a form of cancer which mainly affects the lungs’ membrane lining and the abdomen. It is considered as one of the serious and aggressive diseases. The disease is very hard to be diagnosed. And till now no such cure has been known for handling this disease. However, there are such

  • Integrative Literature Review Essay

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    Oncology Nursing ( 1 ) Integrative Literature Review: Malignant Fungated Wound Odour Management among Patients with Cancer Introduction Malignant fungating wounds (MFW) defined as a wound that arise when cancerous cells invade the skin and metastasis to the surrounding blood and lymph vessels (Probst , Arber ,& Faithful ,2012) . The terms that used interchangeably to describe “ Fungating wound” are “ Malignant wound “and ‘malignant cutaneous lesions” . Fungated

  • Crvical Cancer Case Study

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    to the pelvic wall. It can attack the bladder and rectum, causing constipation, blood in your urine, fistula, and ureteral obstruction. The trio of symptoms leg edema, pain and hydro nephrosis suggest pelvic wall involvement. The common sites for metastasis include pelvic lymph nodes, liver, lung, and bone. Genetic predisposition to cervical cancers caused by HPV infection has been identified via studies of twins and other first- degree relatives, as well as genome wide association studies. Women

  • Ocular Lymphomas Case Study

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    Complete hemogram was done which was normal except for the reactive forms of lymphocytes were seen. Systemic evaluation was done to examine for any primaries or metastasis USG of neck, abdomen and pelvis was normal. Serum LDH was mildly elevated. MRI head was done which was suggestive of either an inflammatory pseudotumor or a neoplasia of lacrimal gland. Excision biopsy of the lesion done under GA was sent for Histopathological

  • Endometrial Carcinoma Case Study

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    DISCUSSIONS Hysteroscopy was done on the patient to diagnose her condition and also to take the biopsy of her endometrium. Will it cause the tumor to get spread even more during the procedure? Or is there any better option than that? First, the diagnosis should depend on the patient’s presenting complaint, symptoms, signs, and also the risk factors associated with them. In this case, she presented with postmenopausal bleeding, which endometrial carcinoma become the main differential diagnosis until