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“I hope she’ll be a fool - that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, beautiful little fool.” This quote from Daisy Fay-Buchanan in Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby is a very great example of how women are viewed in the novel. While this book has many themes to it, the main focus of this paper is going to be focused on the women; Daisy Fay-Buchanan, Jordan Baker, and Myrtle Wilson. Each of these women plays a very different, but yet very important role in the novel and in the feminist theme.
Daisy Buchanan is the main female character in the novel and one of the most important parts of the entire story. While everyone sees Daisy as a pure, and very genuine at heart, she has a deeper meaning to her. When she was younger she truly loved Gatsby but once she got …show more content…

She is known as a lower class women and Tom keeps her identity from everyone except Nick. As men see her as only a poor mechanics wife they look down upon her. This is probably why she is so quick to want Tom to leave Daisy and be with her, though that will never happen. When she sees Gatsby car coming she believes Tom is still driving it, her love for him proves through when she runs into the street, ending fatally. She gets treated more like property than a person like a lot of women in that day and age. The one really and the truly good thing about this female lead is that she is one of the only characters who truly know and has felt love.
The different women in this novel stand for different things, Daisy and Jordan are both seen as “white” or pure, that is even how they are first described in the novel. Myrtle is described and dressed a lot in the color red, which foresees her death on the movie. The theme shows how women are represented and treated in the novel. It shows greatly through with these characters for they are each treated

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