Daisy The Coward In The Great Gatsby

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The cowardice exhibited by Daisy Buchanan shows that Fitzgerald’s attitude towards Daisy getting cheated on was that it is okay because he has money and that is why she wants to stay. On one hand, the reader should notice that Daisy is getting cheated on, but does not leave Tom because he has money and she loves him. Daisy Buchanan is married to Tom Buchanan, and Tom continuously cheats on her with other women. Daisy is aware of what is happening and she has to sit there and listen to Tom tell people about it. She is being a coward by not sticking up for herself and saying something to him. She doesn’t have the courage to stand up to Tom and tell him what he is doing isn't okay, because she is afraid of him and worried he will leave her. She also is afraid to lose him because he has lots of money and she gets everything paid for by him. Without Tom, she might be near to nothing. …show more content…

She is afraid to stand up to Tom for cheating on her all the time, and is too scared to tell Tom that she actually is in love with Gatsby since high school. She comes into contact with Mr. Gatsby when Nick bring them together, and that is when she is reminded of how much she loves him. She might begin to cheat on Tom with Gatsby, but that is not stated yet. She is too much of a coward to tell Tom she is cheating on him, because if a women cheats it usually is not okay and then the man will leave the women because they have other women they could get married to. Gatsby also has lots of money and lives across the water from her. She is stuck and does not know how to handle this situation because she is a coward and afraid of her own husband

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