Character Analysis Of Daisy In The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby:Character Analysis 1.Daisy isn 't one of the nicest characters in the book, money is a big priority for her and she lets others take the fall for her. Gatsby sums her up very well in a few words by saying “her voice is full of money..” (Fitzgerald 120) and letting everyone know she is very materialistic. Daisy is very selfish she thinks Gatsby asks too much of her when all he wants is her love. She is also a bad mother and uses her daughter, Pammy as something to show off at parties rather than taking care of her she says things to Pammy like “how do you like mother 's friends” (Fitzgerald 117). Daisy Later shows how she loves attention and playing games with Tom and Gatsby by not picking who she wants to be with, at a party she said to Gatsby “that she loved him and Tom Buchanan saw” (Fitzgerald 119). Daisy Is very manipulative to Tom and everyone else when Nick asks her not to bring Tom to tea and Daisy says “Who is Tom” (Fitzgerald 83). 2.Daisy Buchanan doesn 't have a lot of physical descriptions of her mostly descriptions of her voice. Daisy 's voice was seductive and made it difficult for “men who cared for her {to forget}” (Fitzgerald 33). Just by looking at her you could tell “Her face was sad..” despite her beauty (Fitzgerald 33). Daisy had beautiful brown shiny hair . Despite little physical description of Daisy she is described as having bright eyes. Fitzgerald also goes into detail of her bright passionate mouth. 3.The book doesn 't

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