The Impact Of Daisy Buchanan In The Great Gatsby

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Daisy and the Devil she was Turned Into The Great Gatsby is one of the best works of literature because of the many complex characters that are present. One of the most controversial characters in the book is Daisy Buchanan. At the beginning of the book, I thought Daisy would be a very minor character and would have little or no impact in the book. After I finished the book, I realized she had an impact; however, I still did not think she had a huge role in the novel. I finally realized Daisy had a huge impact in this book because of the article written by Leland Person Jr. called “Herstory” and Daisy Buchanan. In the first paragraph of the essay, Person explained what other people thought of Daisy Buchanan, “To Robert Ornstein she is criminally amoral, and Alfred Kazin judges her vulgar and inhuman” (250). Person responds to these claims by stating what he believes Daisy really is, “Daisy, in fact, is more victim than victimizer” (250). Person emphasizes that even though many people believe Daisy was evil, she actually should not be faulted because she was the one that was the victim. These findings have important consequences for the broader domain of world perspective. These authors, like everyone in the world, have different opinions of many issues. There is not one way to judge Daisy because everyone perceives her in a different way. Leland Person’s claims were based on his own opinions, but they were very valid. The first point he made was, “She is

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