Marginalization Of Women In The Great Gatsby Analysis

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During the twenties the economy of the United States was changing greatly. Due to the establishment of the prohibition of alcohol the billionaires were those who would smuggle the goods to society. The Great Gatsby is a novel which portrays the different societies of the United States during the twenties differently. F. Scott Fitzgerald focuses on revealing the types of lives lived by each social group. Throughout the book we are exposed to the marginalization of women and the lower class during the time, since the important individuals in society were the wealthy people who impacted the economy of the country. The reader comes to the realization that the middle class was almost nonexistent since the poor were very poor and the rich were very rich during that era. In the beginning of the novel we are introduced to Daisy Buchanan one of the most known woman during the time due to her status and wealth. However, despite her wealth we are exposed to her marginalization by men and society. In chapter one, Daisy herself reveals how she wishes her daughter was a “little fool” since that 's the best thing a girl could be in the world during the twenties. Daisy realizes how women during her time were always led by men without a voice since their decisions, opinions, and thoughts were second to those of males and their everyday lives were determined men. Daisy is expressing how due to their marginalization women are better off being fooled and dumb because the voice of women did

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