Equality Of Women In The Great Gatsby

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The Dream of women is the American Dream Women, for a long duration of history, were suppressed by society and men. Many have been denied equal treatment and were told that it was “a man’s job.” Their aspect of the American Dream has mostly been ignored or held in respect with men’s American Dream. However, advancements had been made in society and gender equality. Women in today’s time and society can achieve the American Dream because they can work hard to achieve success, popular views have changed to accept independence in women, and many have reached respectable positions that were once thought to be only for men; however, they still are treated with inequality in many aspects of life, but are able to rise above the discrimination and reach the American Dream.
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Many goals require work to be achieved. A typical rags to riches story often involves an individual eventually reaching success through hard work. Many women, like men, have worked to reach success. In Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, Mr. Gatsby is a prime example of how working hard can lead to a rich and lavish lifestyle. He was a young boy born from poor farmer parents and through his hard work, was able to buy a grand home and car. His life exemplifies the American Dream (Fitzgerald). Persistent individuals are almost always rewarded.
Persistence is a strong quality of successful individuals, and is a major factor in achieving goals. Persistent men and women often find success. In The Great Gatsby, Gatsby showed his persistence by abstaining from alcohol. His experience with Dan Cody revealed the chaos that being drunk caused, so Gatsby avoided drinking. His persistence kept him away from the negative effects of alcohol and made him a better person (Fitzgerald). Persistence and hard work will eventually lead to

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