Oedipus The King Reflection

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The play Oedipus the King is an anonymous murder thriller with interesting political and psychological twist. The story involves scenes of incest and patricide where the King portrays himself as a man who is determined to trace and pin down an assassin, who he was in actuality. As a 21st, university student the play provides some exciting learning experiences that are reminiscent only in books and plays that integrate dark powers and prophecies in their work. Such books are rare to find in the current society as modernization and globalization have eroded the importance of these books.
As a student, one lesson, which is integral and important to me, is the level of belief in, prophesies and dark powers that were available and manifested in the nation of Thebes, where Oedipus was the king. King Oedipus himself confesses that there is prophecy cast upon him that he would murder his father …show more content…

From the events in the play, freewill is the ability to make a choice. It refers to instances where a person acts through own intentions and thinking. On the other hand, destiny refers to pre-controlled events that happen where the actor or perpetrator does not have any control over their occurrence. In the play, King Oedipus actions are more of destiny than free will. Right at a young age, prophecies words, and prophecies made him understand his role, and know what would happen to him. In other words, these prophecies shaped his life. The prophecies explained his destiny. At Corinth, an oracle told him that he would kill his father. The prediction comes true because, at that young age, he becomes an accessory to murder. Along the way, he killed the king, and this marks the start of his destiny where it was prophesied of his actions. Upon becoming the king of Thebes, he marries the queen who is his mother, and it fulfills his destiny. His actions seem premeditated, and he does not have any control over

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