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David Ignatow was the ideal voice for the ordinary man because of his life experience and turmoil he struggled with. Placed in the time period surrounding the Great Depression, Ignatow, like many at the time, struggled to sustain a stable livelihood. Despite his efforts to find work and make a living, Ignatow still placed a focus on his poetry and wrote a book called Poems in 1948. This first installment of Ignatow’s poetry lineage was well received, but despite that, the poet still had to work various jobs and write his poems in between shifts. Ignatow enlists a number of techniques that appeal to his audience. The life and works of David Ignatow is characterized by internal turmoil, relating to an ordinary man, and honest, unguarded opinions.…show more content…
But there were still critics that outwardly “condemned such openness” and Ignatow had not kept up his guard. Because of the raw emotion Ignatow expressed in his poems, Ignatow had not put on a mask, allowing for critics to aim at his unguarded heart. Many of Ignatow’s early works were heavily criticized because this ideal that a poet needed to put a mask on in order to hide the dark emotions of a story. Soon, however, Ignatow grew to ignore the criticism of his works but he also grew apart from his immature style and hatred for materialistic values. As his personal maturity grew, his poetry also matured. Rather than outwardly expressing his hatred for the universe, Ignatow chose to “love that universe for all he, and it, are worth” (“David Ignatow”). Once Ignatow grew to love everything that the world had to offer, his work grew to become heavily praised by many critics. Many of Ignatow’s writings became words that “all David Ignatow fans should own” (Economou). Ignatow moved on to write many poems and books and became the editor for many authors that seeked his assistance. His words reached many hearts across the world and his advice presented in many of his works helped many through struggles they once thought impossible to work out. Ignatow became an author many turned to in a time of need. Ignatow’s notebooks became a remarkable collection of a “man getting by as best he can from day to day” (Ray). As Ignatow illustrates his daily struggle with his family, schizophrenic son, and suicidal tendencies many of his readers are anxiously reading along with his roller coaster of a life. Readers found this to be a detailed glimpse into the life of a man that shared the same values. They soon discovered that they would hope alongside Ignatow for a better ending to his story. Once Ignatow released his notebooks, it was discovered that the roots were exposed, the ground was suffering, and the

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