Walter Dean Myers Poem Analysis

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Walter Dean Myers won the Coretta Scott King award for African American author five times. Myers was originally named Walter Milton Myers but he adopted the middle name “Dean” to honor Florence and Herbert the parents that raised him after his mother passed away when he was 18 months and his father sent him to live with Florence and Herbert Dean. Walter Dean Myers was born in August 12, 1937 in Martinsburg, West Virginia and died July 1, 2014 in Manhattan, New York city, New York. When he was a child his life involved his neighborhood and church, the neighborhood protected him and the church him, and also had a speech impediment that made communicating very difficult for him. Young Myers started writing poetry to give voice to his thoughts and feelings, and at age sixteen he won in an essay contest and a set of encyclopedias for a long narrative poem. And his father bought him a used typewriter that he used …show more content…

Monster was about a boy a named Steve Harmon a six-teen year old that’s on trial for felony murder in a drug store. Two young men, Richard Evans and James King, rob a drugstore. But how did it involve Steve Harmon? While he was waiting on trial, Steve is imprisoned with four-teen year old Osvaldo Cruz that got other girl pregnant while he was with his girlfriend. And both boys were too young to go through harsh reality. Though Steve Harmon was found not guilty and has all of his chargers cleared, it was cleared that Kathy O’Brien (his attorney) had doubts about his innocence. Another novel Myers written was Lockdown. Lockdown is about a boy Maurice (Reese) Anderson has already spent twenty-two months in Progress, a juvenile facility for troubled youths. Reese desperately wants to be released from Progress. To be able to get released for progress he has a job where he has to work at a nursing home. Reese tells him about his struggles to resist the urge to fight. Mr. Hoof then tells Reese of his difficult

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