Dbq Essay On Why Did Slaves Build The Pyramids

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Slave, a person who is legal property of another person and is forced to do something such as help build a pyramid with all the Egyptians. Document A, B, and E all have many reasonings that slaves did build the pyramids. Slaves definitely built the pyramids considering about 8,000,000 Egyptians or even all the Egyptians built the pyramids; in other words they were lash-driven men which a lash-driven man is mostly a slave. Some people would say that some workers were found in tombs and no one would ever honer a slave that nicely. Nevertheless whoever buried the people can't bury 8,000,000 people in one tomb. First of all in Document A, Herodotos states, “For first he closed all the temples, so that no one could sacrifice there; and next, he …show more content…

In Document B it claims, “One hundred thousand lash-driven men poured their sweat and blood for twenty years to complete this resting place which King Khufu considered fit for his royal remains.” This shows that yet again no one would enjoy building the pyramid by cause of it was hard work. That supports slaves building the pyramid considering no one would want to build the pyramid so the planner of the pyramid had it force people into building it and it would be much easier to just use at least some slaves. The final document, Document E, has evidence that contradicts the notes stated in Document C. In Document C it states, “The series of modest nine-foot-deep shafts held a dozen skeletons of pyramid builders,” then later the document states that they would never bury slaves that honorably. Later Document E contradicts, “One is that no one bothers to tell us in the broadcast sources how many tombs specifically belonging to workers have been found and what proportion of the workforce they might represent.” This shows that researchers are not lying that they found tombs yet they are not stating all the

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