Ap Us History Dbq About Slavery

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The life of a slave in the Southern colonies was not a pleasant one. According to document 6: "[The slaves] plant peas, garden peas, transplant or prune trees, and plant cabbage... They ["Negroes"] are given as much land as they can handle. On it they plant for themselves corn, potatoes, tobacco, peanuts, water and sugar melons, pumpkins, bottle pumpkins... They plant for themselves also on Sundays. For if they do not work they make mischief and do damage...". As you can see, the existance of a slave in the South was filled with the endless turmoil of agriculture and oppression by their owners. Slaves in the Barbados also had very stressful and difficult work. As stated in document 1: "The Caribbean and Deep South sugar plantations in particular
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