Death With Dignity Analysis

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The emotional documentary, How To Die in Oregon, chronicles the Death With Dignity Act in the state of Oregon and its impact on the lives of those suffering with terminal illnesses. The Death With Dignity Act is a law that allows individuals with terminal diseases to end their life at his or her own volition in a dignified manner. Helpless patients in volatile conditions are given a sense control when choosing Death With Dignity. Additionally, Death With Dignity allows individuals to have a sense of closure at the end of his or her life. How To Die in Oregon is intended to reveal the circumstances in which someone decides to end their own life.
How To Die In Oregon follows the lives of individuals who are coping with terminal illnesses and who are deciding how to humanely end his or her life. The film also examines the debates in Washington state as it determines whether or not to implement a Death With Dignity Act. The most prominent figure in the How To Die In Oregon is Cody Curtis. When the film begins, 54 year old Cody has just been told that she has six months to live. Her liver cancer has recurred and she has chosen to pursue physician assisted suicide when she feels she can no longer go on. Throughout the film, Cody seems to be doing well. She outlives her six month notice and is very physically active. Towards the end of the …show more content…

It is quite evident that the film views the Death With Dignity Act as a necessity when dealing with end of life care. How To Die In Oregon argues that the quality of an individual’s life is far more important than the length of it. Therefore, Death With Dignity should be universally implemented to reduce the suffering of ill patients. The film uses home videos and documents the lives of terminally ill patients to bring the story to a personal level. The overall theme is melancholy with a bit of humor to lighten up the somewhat macabre

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