Declaration Of Independence Rhetorical Analysis

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1. The author begins his essay with a quotation from the Declaration of Independence because he wants to address to the pursuit of happiness as being dependent to us, not to the nation. This quotation helps the author to expand his argument because he says that citizens need the promise of the declaration of Independence, even though, they have to build their own happiness. This means that human beings need to be reminded what the meaning of life is which is to achieved happiness.
2. According to the author, who makes us unhappy are the barriers we encounter in our pathway towards happiness. These barriers are social media, drugs, hunger, poverty, cigarettes, diseases, and the desire of money. This means that when someone is working towards achieving happiness, they encounter a struggle in which they try to fight back to it, but they lose the fight, and then unhappiness is created.
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What the author suggests in paragraph 10 is that there are many people who blame the government, instead of themselves for not achieving happiness. He supports this suggestion by saying that each one of us is responsible for our own happiness. This means that there is no one to blame, but ourselves.
4. The idea expressed in paragraph 7 is saying that the concept of happiness involves moving forward or backwards. However, the spaces where we move have the ability to change very quickly from one specific set to another. This means that now in days, there are tons of factors such as the internet, social media, religions, and drugs, which influences our idea of what we consider

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