Declaration Of Sentiments

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The Declaration of Sentiments, a document written by activists Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucrietia Mott, discusses injustices towards woman and the rights that have been withheld from them, such as voting and denied admittance into colleges. Stanton and Mott want readers, primarily men, to understand, to take action, and to fight against the opression that has been put on women of all ages, race and religion in the United States. Without the help of Stanton and Mott, womens rights may have been an overlooked issue yesterday and today, therefore, their message is incontestably crucial. To Stanton and Mott, women were created equal to men, and to further their declaration of this equality, they state that the rights that have been unfairly…show more content…
By alluding to God, it poses a slight threat on men, saying that it is “self-evident” that these rights should be shared, not restricted to only one gender (para. 2). Stanton and Mott want women to know that because of the destructive and misogynistic nature of the men in government, because of the constant abuse and prejudice that has come from men in general, that if because this behavior is constant and growing in dangerousness, they have the right to “refuse allegiance” to said government (para. 2). It is unjust and discriminatory against women to deny the rights that should be fairly given to them since they are part of the government. To prove that women have been mistreated unfairly, they list facts and happenstances that have been done to women to subjugate them. With these facts, they prove that, in that moment, women are the less superior sex, then with this, they encourage…show more content…
Despite what some may think, women today are still not fully equal to men. In a post on discussing the history of discrimination against women in developing nations, it says that young girls account for “6o percent of the out-of-school population of children”(Discrimination Against Women). Women are expected to be a supporter of the breadwinner role of men, to stay at home and raise the children. But whoever came up with that stereotype? The answer is simple: men. Men have given the media this unrealistic image that women cannot fend for themselves, cannot do hard jobs, or cannot get as far in life as a man. Even in jobs, though a woman and a man may be in the same position, women “earn just 74 cents for every $1 a man earns” (CNNMoney). This is truly unfair, yet men today still say that women are “equal,” though it is obviously false. Women today, though they have more rights than in the 1800’s, are still not in the place we need to be in ranking with men. Women are still abused, sexually harassed and mistreated more than men because of their sex. They are seen as lesser, despite making up 51 percent of America’s population. And the misogyny and discrimination is not just in the United States; it happens in many other countries as well. Girls, underage and innocent, can be married off to an older man without their consent in Iraq since child marriage has been legalized in October of 2013
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