Dehumanization In Elie Wiesel's Night

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“The night was gone. The morning star was shining in the sky. I too had become a completely different person. The student of the Talmud, the child that I was, had been consumed in the flames... A dark flame had entered my soul and devoured it.” Elizer saw something that will forever scar in his mind what he had seen that day. That day he was no longer the boy he was in the past now he is just a shell of a person people know. After ten years, Elie Wisel published a book called Night, this book is a memoir on what happened to him as he struggles spiritual how he can stay human. The Nazi took away sense of connection, esteem, and physiological needs and the Jews starting thinking its every man for himself throughout the book. Elizer no longer …show more content…

Dehumanization is a cruel method that twists the mind into acting in brute behavior but how the Nazis did it was by steps. In the beginning of the first steps of the “Final Solutions” the Nazis started taking away rights for example, every Jew had to wear the yellow star, no longer allowed to frequent restaurants or cafés and many more rights taken. The plan for the Nazis were to isolate the Jews from the German people. The Nazis knew that isolating the Jews would be fine since they kept to themselves and they wouldn’t suspect that anything bad will help it. When the Jews were deported they were all pushed into a cattle car with no food, no air, no water, and bathroom, all they did was stand there and wait. Being in the cattle car without food or water can make them start turning on one another. For example, when Mrs.Schächter started screaming “Fire, I see fire!” and there was none so they beat her because she kept screaming that over and over again. As the Jews were brought out of the cattle cars, they were separated into groups so they can go through selection. During the selection, Eliezer had to lie about his age and occupation so he can have a chance at surviving. Eliezer was able to pass through selection but he wasn’t so lucky as he was walking towards the barracks because he had seen things that he will never forget. The Jews had

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