Examples Of Dehumanization In The Book Night

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Long Hours Of Darkness That dehumanization his like abusing someone to take away somebody's freedom as it how it was back then slavery the whites was treating the black like animals. In the book of night there is like groups of people that's fighting for freedom it's like dehumanization. What i read was the book called “Night” by Elie Wiesel it's how how the holocaust was back thing and how the nazi took over the jews. In the book night, dehumanization is seen by public executions starving the prisoners, and separating the families. My first example is separation of family. In the book nights separation of family was like the little boy was getting separated from his family like his mother and sister. His mother and his sister Tzipora. They just got back from the concentration camps from Auschwitz. The quote is “separation of family” (38-39)”. To me this mean that all he had back in the holocaust was his family and then the nazi took his family away so now. He already hurting but hurting even more cuz they took his mother and his sister then top of that he saw his father die right in front of him. The second example is starving …show more content…

He watched his father die, his mom and sister got taken away from him, and he was just struggling. He didn't give up; he kept up a fight. In today's world dehumanizing can be connected with bullying. People bully other people and that person that's getting bullied feel like hurting themselves or killing themselves. They get bullied so bad or dehumanized so much that they run out of options. The reason they feel so depressed is that once you get depressed, you feel like you’re no longer human and cut yourself. People today should remember that we all are equal. It doesn’t matter how big or small you think you are, the truth is that we all deserve the same respect and rights because of the human

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