Dehumanization In The Holocaust

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These people were literally stripped of everything that they had ever known, loved, or had. This was no joke, no game or no fictional story, but more the truth of what it was really like during the Holocaust and inside a Jewish concentration camp. This was a time where innocent Jewish people were deprived from everything just because of their religion. Families were broken apart and were never brought back together, virtuous men, women, and children were killed. These people were tagged as numbered instead of called by their names, sent to live in places and leave all their belongings behind to be burned by the Nazis. The Jewish people were not just deprived of their identities or their belongings, but of all their human rights. The Jews during this time were treated like nothing, they were treated like the dirt that the Nazis had stomped their boots through and spat on. This was not only a time of fear and death, but this was a time for war.…show more content…
The ghettos were a disgustingly dirty place with buildings that were too close together and rubbish everywhere. Then one night the Nazis had gone and loaded up into multiple cattle trucks, which would hold roughly eighty to one hundred people in one car, and started to transport them to Auschwitz. Once they arrived at Auschwitz, which is the main Jewish concentration camp, they were split up between males and females which separated many families. The groups were then taken to strip out of their clothes and were forced to put on the camp
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