The Answer To Depression In John Steinbeck's 'Inside Out'

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The Answer to Depression When we hear about depression in our daily lives we tend to think of it as a mood, just like any state of mind of being hungry, tired, ill, or even joyful. What is depression? “depression is the effect of the gap between what a person is,” Frankl answers “and what he ought to be, or once wished to be.” the result after this gap becomes so large it can’t be carpeted over. According to the makers of “Inside Out”, Riley’s personality is built upon islands, islands of what she loves, what she wants, her ambitions, her likes and dislikes. And these islands are built upon something called the core memory of what her life revolves around. “Joy” one of the most …show more content…

However, they can also be the reason behind the wreckage of their lives. These areas are generally driven by the existential question that is:’ what is my purpose?’ When people tend to think of that question and decide to ponder upon their leading role in the world, they reach the conclusion that they either have no purpose or that this role is merely a minuscule dispensable one. This in turn leads to the conclusion that they have no purpose in life; their existence is nothing but a matter of survival until they die. This thought alone can drive a person to the deepest levels of depression. That is also given the fact a person reaching the conclusion that they have no purpose in life would only come to it The matter was further explored by Viktor E. Frankl, and dicussed by Dennis Ford in his book “ The Search for Meaning: A Short History”. He declares that people without a meaning in their life are exposed to aggression, depression and addiction; The symptoms Frankl called “the mass neurotic triad” in his logo therapy, that face all who lie in the existential vacuum. They are nothing but a result of each other, where depression can cause addiction and aggression and vice versa. Here we may talk about all what revolves around depression, starting from symptoms to causes and reaching effects and ways of

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