Descartes Method Of Doubt Analysis

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Explain Descartes’ method of doubt. What is Descartes purpose in exercising this method?

Descartes begins Meditation I by stating that in order for him to establish anything in the sciences that was constant, he would have to start from the foundations of all knowledge. By claiming this, he is adopting skepticism which is not him rejecting his beliefs, but doubting them.
The First Meditation is a exercises in learning to doubt everything that one believes at three different levels. Descartes notes that nothing is always as they seem at first glance and then notes to never trust in the truth of what we perceive (Perceptual Illusion). Descartes raised a more systematic way to doubt the legitimacy of sensory perception. He claims that anything we perceive in the physical world is nothing more than a fabrication of our imagination (Dream Problem). He also raises a problem that one may be forced by God to …show more content…

Why can’t Descartes be certain about mathematical beliefs like the belief that 2+2=4?

The truth that 2 + 2 = 4 does not rely on any sensible experience but is grasped entirely in our minds regardless of whether we are dreaming or awake. We could tell someone that 2+2=5 but in our minds we can’t have it be anything but 4 equal to 2+2.

4. What belief(s) does Descartes ultimately identify as indubitable?

Descartes find that of all beliefs, the proposition that he exists is indubitable. He is certain that he exists because the act of believing requires there to be a thing doing the believing.

5. Why can’t an evil deceiver deceive Descartes about his belief that he thinks?

He sees that he can be certain that he exists and that he thinks because even if an evil genius is doing everything possible to deceive Descartes, it can 't deceive him into believing he doesn 't exist. In order for something to be deceived, it must at least exist. Then, Descartes comes up with a rule which allows him

6. How does Descartes build up from the foundation of indubitable

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