Deviance And Crime Analysis

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Deviance and crime is a common characteristic of Canadian society. Deviance is defined as: “recognized violation of cultural norms” (2013, pg.465). While crime is defined as: “recognized violation of society’s formally enacted criminal law” (2013, pg.464). There are some universal similarities about what we as humans consider morally deviant, still, what is regarded as deviant or criminal behavior in Canada may not resonate with other societies. Some behavior “can fall right in between deviant and criminal” (Healy, 2012). In most cases, if not all, criminal acts are recognized as deviant, but deviant acts do not have to be criminal. A certain behavior is acknowledged as deviant on three foundations: what others define deviant behavior as, …show more content…

There are different types of crimes, different organizations that work for the criminal justice system, and different punishments or corrections for criminals. For an act to be considered criminal behavior, it needs to be based on a few principles: the person(s) convicted of the behavior is innocent until proven guilty, the government must conduct a fair examination, the person accused of the crime can ask for an unbiased judge, all trials must be accessible to attend to, and all cases must be treated equally under the law (2013, pg.179-180). For instance, if all these principles were applied to a person accused of having sex with a minor, which is a criminal offense in Canada, and he/she is found guilty, they can be convicted. Whereas, if this sexual act where to take place between two consenting adults, even if one or both parties were married, but not to each other, this would not be a criminal offense. Extramarital sex is judged upon in Canadian society because it is essentially, morally wrong. This act can be examined as deviant behavior, but extramarital sex is not deemed as criminal behavior. Another interesting example is marriage in the same blood line. In Canada, marrying a sibling, regardless whether the siblings are full, half, or even adopted siblings, are not permitted to marry one another. With that being said, people can marry their first cousin. While a person marrying their first cousin may be viewed as deviant, it is not illegal (Headly,

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