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DEXTROCARDIA Dextrocardia is a rare heart condition where the hearts points to the right instead of the left side of the chest. It is congenital meaning person who has it was born with it. Less than one percent of the population is born with dextrocardia. There are two types of dextrocardia. One being embryonic arrest (or isolated dextrocardia your heart is facing the right side with no side affects). The other being dextrocardia situs inversus (its further divided). There is no know causes to lead up to have dextrocardia. You many have defects in the heart chambers and/or valves. Your heart may develop differently because of anatomical problems such as problems in your lungs, abdomen, or chest that can cause them to shift differently. You may have more problems with other vital organs. There is no symptoms of Dextrocardia except when you do and x-ray or MRI of the chest that shows the position. People with isolated dextrocardia may have increased lung infections, sinus infection, or pneumonia. You may also have breathing difficulties, blue lips or skin, and fatigue. Babies born with dextrocardia may have holes in there spectrum of their heart, and may be born without a …show more content…

Less than one percent of the population have it. There are to types just plain dextrocardia and isolated dextrocardia. There are no real causes except that you have defects in your heart chambers or valves. Your heart many develop differently and cause anatomical problems for other organs. No main symptoms for dextrocardia, you only really find out through x-rays and CT scans. Treatment differs from how good it is to how bad it is. If its on the worse side you may need a pacemaker and surgery to fix. It can cause intestinal obstruction so you have to watch out for that. People usually life a normal but if its bad you have to watch out for infections and getting sick. You may have many health problems throughout you

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