Diary Entry: Piggy

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Day 1

Today my plane crashed on a disserted island. I meet this kid named Piggy; he kept talking about how he has asthma. When we were looking around Piggy noticed a conch and he told me that he couldn’t get it because of his asthma. Once I got it I blow into in and it made a really loud and cool noise. After some time boys came for all over the island and gathered around. We had a meeting and we thought that we needed a leader. There was this one kid named Jack, he is the leader of the choir. Jack wanted to be the leader. The most of the boys voted for me except the choir because they voted for Jack. In the meeting we also deuced that we needed to see what the island look like. So Jack Simon and I went around the island. While Piggy stayed …show more content…

So today we built the fire on top of the mountain and we used Piggy’s glasses to light the fire. After we made the fire I thought that it would be a good idea to have a meeting. At the meeting we disgust what we were going to do next and who was going to keep the fire going. Jack wanted to go hunting and I thought that we should build shelters. I let Jack and choir go hunting and they had to keep the fire going. The other and me were going to build the shelters. We also created a new rule that only the person with conch could …show more content…

I tried to get the fire going but I had to wait for Piggy because I can’t start the fire with out his glasses. By the time that Piggy got to the top of the mountain the ship was gone. We were so closes to being recued. Jack didn’t understand what was going on and why I was mad. He kept tell the story about how they had killed the pig. I told him to keep the fire going and that it was important but he didn’t take me seriously. After that we had a fest I didn’t want to take part in it but the meat look so good that my mouth started to

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