Did You Know Documentary Analysis

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English ISU: New Media Text Pitch
With the growth of streaming services, such as Netflix and Hulu, in combination with the fast-paced nature of social media, great, and eclectic media texts are able to rise to fame overnight. Media texts such as 13 Reasons Why and Game of Thrones have put society into a frenzy and have risen to such popularity in that they are commonly referenced in popular culture. In addition, with the new trend of binge watching shows, many teens and adults are constantly looking for new media texts to fill their spare time. As such, I propose a new documentary idea, to be produced and hosted on Netflix, which seeks to educate society on controversial and seldom discussed issues.
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Similar to 13th, this media text aims to address issues of racial inequality and the overrepresentation of minorities, such as Indigenous people in Canada. In addition, my proposed media text is similar to Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown on YouTube in the sense that the two seek to explore seldom discussed topics, where Bourdain touches on specific countries, this show plans to zoom in on specific topics. Moreover, it is comparable to the true crime television show, The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, which documented all the events of the infamous O.J Simpson trial in a suspenseful, television drama. “Did you Know?” plans to follow in its lead by telling a riveting story to grasp the interest of viewers and help them uncover the harsh realities of our world. On the other hand, “Did You Know?” is very different from media texts, such as 13 Reasons Why and Game of Thrones, in the sense that it is not premised on a fictional storyline, rather it focuses on real-life anecdotes. Also, it is dissimilar to media texts such as 20/20 because while it touches on personal stories, it focuses on topics that interest popular culture like Slender man or the Royal Wedding, and often ignores taboo …show more content…

It is no secret that Netflix is the go-to streaming service for most people today as it is frequently referenced in popular culture and consequently considered a staple in everybody’s lives. Netflix started out as an online DVD rental store, where people would pay for each rental movie and be mailed the DVD. In turn, similar to Blockbuster, customers would be given a due date to mail the item back to Netflix. By the early 2000s, Netflix moved away from the DVD rental business to launch a streaming service where people could get movies and shows on demand. Netflix has grown tremendously since its beginning and now currently has approximately 125 million subscribers, which is just a testament to its reach and popularity. In addition, as addressed above, Netflix offers an on-demand, streaming service and is home to a variety of television shows and movies, for the low price of $8.99 CAD per month (basic plan) or for those who wish to indulge a $13.99 CAD per month plan, which makes it an easily accessible and cheap alternative in comparison to cable which is often very costly. Essentially, Netflix’s entire set-up makes it the perfect service for those on the go and wish to see a variety of shows whenever they want and are not bound by a television guide. As such, hosting the documentary on Netflix would maximize its potential for success as it will be seen by all

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