Papa John's Strategic Guide To Management

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Strategic guides too management in an effort to develop plans and sustain competitive advantage which her organizations funds challenging to duplicate (Parnell, 2014). Papa John's International is one of the leading pizza companies, who are serving customers all over the United States. Papa John's headquarter is located Louisville and the founder is John Schnatter, who start the company in the year of 1984. Papa John relies heavily on customer service and brand.
As a strategic perspective, Papa John's has cornered the pizza industry. The company network has allowed the. They have established its name worldwide, where they have established a wide spread of restaurants. The company operates and control center, consist of mine production and distribution centers, which supply their restaurants with its supplies from pizza dough …show more content…

The services that Netflix offers, have allowed them to become well known and they also have a large online customer base. Netflix continues to deal with the way movies and entertainment is distributed to the customers. Employees were routinely given a workload that three or four people would perform. Netflix increase its employee base, while other companies in the industry were decreasing. This strategy proved to have a negative result on the company. There was a time that people had to go to the nearest movie rental store to rent a movie and enjoy it at home. Netflix has carved out its own niche, due to things are really changing. Critical issues in the case are the continue rise and fall of the company Marquee Program, stock share and revenue loss. Netflix increase its subscriptions by 60%, which made customers furious and the loss over 800,000 subscribers. Customers begin to feel Hastings really was not as connected to their needs as he portrayed. Last, Netflix did not offer any incentive plans to its employees, but instead hard work pays

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