Differences Between Idealism And Realism

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Jager (2015) defines idealism as a theory that states that our reality is shaped by our thoughts and ideas. Realism on the other hand deals with the fact that reality has an absolute existence independent from our thoughts, ideas and even consciousness. This essay intends to contrast idealism and realism that is outlining the differences between the two theories. The first part is the comparison of the two theories, the second part discusses the differences between the theories with examples to elaborate. In conclusion the essay purpose that the reader is able to differentiate with a clear understanding of the two theories in the context of international relations. Idealism, according to (Heywood, 2014) dealing with how we view things whether in an ideal or perfect manner and Realism dealing with treating with things in a practical way and viewing some situations pragmatically and makes idealism focus on “what could be done” and realism focusing on “what actually is”. Generally idealists are under the impression that human nature is good and with regards to international relations the cycle will initially attain peace, whereas realists sorely believe that the cycle of international relations will not change, it will always be anarchic…show more content…
Everything according to realists is driven by competitives self-interest (oxford, 2013). Actors within a state should always expand their security from other states, that is to gain many resources. Idealists look beyond the domestic differences between the states, with their rationality they will still seek self-interests by making decisions that benefits them the most (Heywood, 2014 and unlike idealism, the type of government, societal morals and values does not make a difference in their international
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