Difference Between Virginia And New Jersey Plan

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Virginia and New Jersey are plans presented at constitutional convention. They give information about the structure of the government, representation of the congress, powers given to the congress and the composition of the government branches. There are several similarities between plans presented at constitutional convection by Virginia and the New Jersey plans. On the other hand there are differences between the two plans as illustrated below.
In both Virginia and New Jersey plan the structure of the government consist of the judiciary and executive branch, but in Virginia plan there is an additional plan known as the supreme legislature making up a total of three main branches of the government. This additional branch which is the legislature …show more content…

In Virginia plan some of the specific powers include, that the national legislature to consent in all situations to which the separate states are unskilled or in which United States consistency may be disturbed by the claim of individual regulation and also assign inferior tribunals. The executive has the power to carry into execution of national laws, and to adverse any legislative act which shall not be passed after wards unless through permission from two third of each branch of national legislature. The judiciary has the power to handle all the circumstances regarding collection of national revenue, impeachment of any state, officers and questions that comprise of national coherence. In New Jersey plan some of the powers that are presented are partially similar to those in Virginia plans but not completely …show more content…

It is given the power to authorize collection of revenue just like in Virginia plan but in this case it’s done in different ways, where imposition of duties is put in to goods that are foreign ,imported in any part of united states.it also given the power to pass act of regulation of trade and commerce with external nations as well as with each other and amendment of mistake in both law and fact rendering judgment. All federal acts are instigated through the power of the executive and in addition appoint federal officers and direct the entire operations of the millitary.Its also given the power to appoint judges of the supreme tribunal that forms the judiciary just like in Virginia plan but in this plan the judges are appointed by the first branch of the legislature. The judiciary has the supremacy to attend and regulate instances that are first on all prosecutions of federal office.Inspite of this powers given there are some powers that are specifically denied in both plans. This are, none of the judiciary during the time of service in the office will be able to receive or hold any other office or position during their time of service in new jersey plan .The relationship between new federal government and states is that they both provide specific powers to the branches of their government which are in one way or another

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