Differences And Similarities Between Chris Mccandless And Thoreau

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Chris McCandless and Thoreau had a lot in common. Both men had the same intelligent and wise thought and actions. Transcendentalism means to assert the existence of an ideal spiritual reality that empirical. Its scientific reality and is knowable through intuition: (quote- Webster’s Dictionary Online). We all can see that Chris and Thoreau share the same beliefs of individualism, self-wisdom, and self- confidence. One of the very first rules Chris McCandless follows is the anxiousness of individualism when he deserts all his belongings , grants his savings to charity, and leaves his family. After Chris abandoned his own belongings and everyone he associated with, he worked up the urged of seeking individualism. There is a quote from Thoreau that can be a comparison to Chris McCandless. Thoreau states that, ”let everyone mind his own business, and endear too be what he was model” (Walden). This quote clearly can relates to what Chris is trying to achieve in life. So seeking individualism is one of the main keys …show more content…

We can tell that Chris wanted self-wisdom because, he always wanted to be by his- self reading books and studying. He wanted to witness and endure the life of the wild for his-self, so that he could see for his-self how the life of a super tramp was. There is a quote from Thoreau states that, “ if it proved to be mean, why then to get whole and genuine meanness of it, and publish its meanness to the world ….And be able to give a true account of it in my next excursion” (Walden). This quote clearly relate to Chris urge of seeking self- wisdom, by always isolating him-self from everyone to be alone and get the full understanding of life as well as the wild. So seeking self-wisdom is the second main key to becoming a “Transcendentalist”. There is one more of the main characteristics that Thoreau and Chris had in common for as the comparison of the three elements individualism, self-wisdom, and

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