Differences Between Pilgrims And Puritans

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Pilgrims and puritans began a journey to a new land in search for religious freedom, and a fresh start to a brighter future. Both searched for a change to colonize their families, spread and develop their own beliefs of worship, and create a foundation to combine the wealth of opportunity and worship together without the strong influence of England. The geographical change would be the first challenge for the pilgrims and puritans. England held both parties until word of opportunity began to spread like wildfire. The pilgrims and puritans led separate lives geographically, religiously, and economically. Although the two colonized and practiced religion separately, they shared a common struggle to become so different. These two shared the …show more content…

After becoming established in New England, the shift and influence of religion drove the two to cause division of state. This division was the first states developed in what was later named The United States of America. The creation of these states shows proof of the differences and mass change caused by the dramatic differences of religion and beliefs. The puritans and pilgrims truly laid a foundation to how America started the religious denominations, but also the structure and division of land. Religion was the driving force during the sixteen hundreds when these two merged together while embarking on the new land. Although, both were setting out to accomplish different goals; they ultimately overcome the same obstacles to become prominent during that time. The puritans and pilgrims set out for religious freedom, geographical change , and creating a foundation in the new world. They were successful in achieving their goals after overcoming some obstacles. Although, these two were so much different religiously, they become linked by setting the foundation to religious freedom that we still experience

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