Dimmesdale's Response To Scarlet Letter

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What may a red "A" on your bosom mean? Well for Hester Prynne, it was a punishment that she had and only her had to pay. After having a baby, Pearl, with a man that was not her husband, she was charged with adultery. She carried the punishment to her grave, but not until seven years after Pearl had been born did the father speak out. After confessing her sin, she was asked who the father was, but she did not want to give that up. Even after everything, she carried the guilt and the sin with her. Dimmesdale was given the job to convince her through the appeal to ethos and pathos, but he had another for wanting her confession. It all started with his position, which was made to appeal to pathos. Even though Dimmesdale was already an authority figure in Salem, he was perched on a balcony overlooking his audience. This is very important because it is said that the higher up you are on a platform, the more important you look; just like God.…show more content…
As stated in the passage "tempered with respect towards the youthful clergyman whom he addressed". As he speaks, he says that’s despite the man coming down from somewhere high up, it will all be better. Dimmesdale is speaking about himself. He is the father of little Pearl. Through out the speech he speaks to Prynne with double meaning; he is begging her without anyone else

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