Disney Princess Effect Essay

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The Disney Princess Effect and the media world has been linked to self-objectification, and the growing increase of sexualization of young girls. In this article, “Little Girls or Little Women? The Disney Effect”, Stephanie Hanes makes an argument that the Disney Princess Effect is causing little girls to want to look skinny and wear makeup. Not only the Disney princesses have an influence on young girls but so does the media. Hanes main claim is that the media world is exposing unwanted material not just on the young girls, but to other young children too. She uses statistics and other types of evidence to support her argument about how this caused a negative impact. A lot of the young girls worry that they are not pretty enough or that they …show more content…

The emotional appeal provides examples or stories that causes the audience to react. These examples are to create reasons in an argument. The author starts the article by using pathos, using the story of Mary Finucane and her daughter. “A few years ago, Mary Finucane started noticing changes in the way her 3-year-old daughter played” (509). Mary notice how her daughter had stopped doing any activities such as “running” (509), and “Jumping” (509). The author said, “She sat on the front step quietly—waiting, she said, for her prince. She seemed less imaginative, less spunky, less interested in the world” (509). The writer gives the reader an imagery of how the mother begins to see how “Disney Princess Effect” is affecting her daughter. As the reader reads the story, it will cause the reader to be attach to the story, or have reaction as the mother sees how her daughter is now not being active or acting as a toddler is supposed to act. The words “sexy” (510) and “sexualization” (511), will also cause some emotions because is being used with the young kids. It will make the reader feel like it is their child, and the reaction that the author wants is that the reader sees the reality of what is taking place right now. To realize the problem that is happening with young

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