Rhetorical Analysis Of The Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial

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The Super Bowl is a paramount chunk of allotted time for all profitable companies because they are competing for football fans’ attention and consumer sales. According to USA Today advertisers pay, “$4 million per a 30-second slot for airtime” (Horovitz 2014). On February 2, 2014 Budweiser Beer published its new commercial by the agency Anomaly. This advertising company created “Puppy Love,” Budweiser’s new Super Bowl commercial. The purpose of promoting the product, beer, is effective because the creator of the commercial uses multiple forms of persuasive methods to convince the audience that they should buy Anheuser- Busch’s famous beer. In the beginning, the commercial starts with a golden Lab puppy escaping, “Warm Springs” (Anomaly …show more content…

The rhetoric appeal, Pathos, is the heart-grabbing method that was successful in capturing the audience’s emotions and attention. The visual effect of watching a friendship grow and prosper grabs the audience’s heart strings and evokes tender feelings and a sense of love. The Passenger song, “Let Her Go” is playing in the background creating a sad, dramatic moment. According to the video, “#BestBuds” (Anomaly 2014) and the logo of Budweiser are the only text that is included in the commercial. The text informs the audience of who the Clydesdales belong to and what the commercial is for. Simple text is effective because instead of blowing logos everywhere, Budweiser keeps it simple and sweet causing a sense of surprise and admiration. The large expanse of emotions felt by the audience ties together to the overall effect of heart-stopping cuteness leads to purchase of Budweiser …show more content…

The larger picture that was trying to be persuaded was that people should be tailgating with their, “BestBuds” (Anomaly 2014). The context was published at this time because the Super Bowl had major publicity and it is a great time to get commercials out because so many people will see them. Influenced by the source was the fact that the ad was appropriate for all viewing age but intended the sale of alcohol for the older viewers. USA Today ranked “Puppy Love” number one for the best commercial in the Super Bowl with an Ad Meter rating of 8.29 (Horovitz 2014). Budweiser uses a heart-grabbing commercial that is effective in promoting the sale of its

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