Disorganization Theory: Current Theories And Perspectives In Criminology

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The Social Disorganization Theory

Estelle Templeman
Simon Fraser University
CRIM 300W: Current Theories and Perspectives in Criminology
Dr. Kaitlin Fredericks
February 10, 2023

For the purpose of this paper I will be focusing solely on the social disorganization theory. Historical Context
In order to understand the significance of the social disorganization theory it is important to look at the historical context of the theory. To begin with, the social disorganization theory was developed from the school of thought known as The Chicago School. The Chicago School theorists focused on the presence and effect of deviance and crime in different neighborhoods (Eisler et al., 2023). This was important research as it had a different approach …show more content…

Throughout this paper, the social disorganization theory shows that people living in low income neighborhoods are more likely to commit crime (Eisler et al., 2023). It is evident that people within the transitional zone are stuck in a bad environment. This means that they have no resources, funds or materials. Which also means that they do not have the regular standards of a community. Therefore, I believe that the first policy implication should be to demand the government for better resources in low income areas. An example of this could be a school, grocery store or a safe place for youth to hang out. This will gradually lead to better opportunities for the individuals living in the lower-income areas. Which leads to less crime. Now, moving onto the next policy implication. If the Liberal Party was presented with the social disorganization theory and was told that an individual's impoverished environment might lead to them committing a crime, the government could then put forward a law giving more social security. This could be another solution to stop crime from occuring. These are just two policy implications that could be put in place for the social disorganization theory. Nevertheless, any good theory comes with its limitations. For this reason I will be moving on to my next point that will show the critiques of this

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