Does Tom Robinson Deserve The Justice In To Kill A Mockingbird

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For instance, the town of Maycomb treats one of its members, Tom Robinson, poorly without a valid reason based on his skin colour rather than any actions he has done. Especially Mayella , she hands in a false complaint against Tom Robinson. As she utters, “‘I turned around an ’fore I knew it he was on me. Just run up behind me, he did. He got me round the neck, cussin‘ me an’ sayin‘ dirt—I fought’n’hollered, but he had me round the neck. He hit me agin an‘ agin”’ ( Lee 241). In the court, it is proved by Atticus that Tom is not capable of doing a crime, as big as, rape. Tom Robinson does not have the full use of his arms, as one of them is disabled; there is no way that Tom is capable of strangling Mayella all around her neck. Mayella and her evil dad, Bob Ewell, are convinced that they can get away with the crime they have commit because Tom is a black folk and there is no hesitation in the fact, that the justice system will never choose a black person over a white person. …show more content…

Tom Robinson is being punished for something he has not commit without any justifications to back up why he is receiving these biased actions against him. Bob Ewell, the actual criminal, gets freed; is roaming the streets with no fear, only, because his skin colour is lighter than Tom Robinson’s. Even though, there is evidence that Bob Ewell is the one who commits the crime. Additionally, Tom Robinson is shot 17 times, as Atticus explains, “‘They shot him,” said Atticus. “He was running. It was during their exercise

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