Dolphus Raymond's Real Character

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“Cry about the simple hell people give other people—without even thinking. Cry about the hell white people give colored folks, without even stopping to think that they’re people, too”(Lee 269). Dolphus Raymond is a white man who came rich family. But he chose to marry a black woman and had children with her. The town of Maycomb disapproves of him because he portrays himself as a drunk who has nothing better to do than drink. When Dill and Scout run out of the courtroom, they meet him. It is only then when they realize who he is and what his true motives are. He is not evil, he is a man who wants to live freely without racism. Dolphus Raymond reveals his real character once he explains himself to the children. The theme is that people can’t differentiate between appearances and reality, three literary elements that help build that are tone, character, and symbolism. Dolphus Raymond is a man who the town consider evil. He is married to a black woman with biracial children. The town’s tone towards Dolphus Raymond is that they are disgusted by him, but since he is a drunk man who has no control over his choices it’s okay. He pretends to be a drunk man to give the town of Maycomb justification as to why he does what he does, “Mr. Dolphus Raymond lurched by on his thoroughbred. “‘Don’t see how he stays in the saddle,”’ murmured Jem. “‘How c’n you stand to get drunk ‘fore eight in the morning?’”(Lee 160). The people in Maycomb just assumed that he was a drunk and

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