Who Is Myrtle Wilson's Downfall In The Great Gatsby

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The American Dream is effort. It is going beyond materialism to sustain a fulfilling and happy life. (Michels) In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”, Jay Gatsby, Daisy Buchanan, Myrtle Wilson, and Tom Buchanan's dreams of happiness are destroyed by this American dream. Jay Gatsby, a young man who wants love and to become part of the wealthy class, is killed because of his inability to see reality for what it is. Daisy Buchanan, a young woman, popular and rich, has to deal with forever being a murderer due to her selfishness and lack of empathy. Myrtle Wilson a young lady who wants to climb the social ladder and is murdered. Tom Buchanan an egotistical jock he just wants to achieve self greatness. Essentially, all of the characters who …show more content…

As Nick describes to us, Tom is the kind of gut who had his best years in college and every since then has been trying to relive them. (Fitzgerald) We know he cheats on Daisy twice so he has no sense of respect for women but he got his money from his parents. You can see the cockiness and arrogance of him through out the story. He cheats on Daisy once after the honeymoon and then has an ongoing affair with Myrtle Wilson. (Fitzgerald) Not to mention he is also only with Daisy for the name as well. He wants to keep his old money and by having her old money to makes it even better. He also feels as though he can punch women when he gets upset as we see at the apartment between him and Myrtle. Tom is also not really fazed when, he himself the reason for this, Gatsby dies. Tom is to blame for Gatsby's death. Instead of telling Mr. Wilson the truth about how it was Daisy he blames it on Gatsby and he dies. After this Tom will never achieve his dream of his own personal greatness and he and Daisy are very similar in their dreams both popularity and money. Through "The Great Gatsby" two characters are murdered because of their delusional dreams and two should be in jail for those murders. It might not only cause the demise of the dream but also the inner self with each people teaching them to not go to far into dreams and to still look into what's going on in

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