Dr Dream Vs Old Major's Speech Analysis

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Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream V.S. Old Major’s Dream
Comparing the difference of views of Dr.King and Old Major’s Speech. They both were good leaders, but they both had different views of pretty much the same issue. Dr Martin Luther King desired peace among everyone while Old major wanted rebellion against another kind. To the contrary of Dr Martin Luther King`s speech,the opposing side did not attend or hear Old Major’s speech.

Comparing the difference of views of Dr.King and Old Major’s Speech. Old Major hungered for the overthrowing of the opposition. In old Major’s Speech He wanted “No Man” and wanted to rebel against Mr. Jones. In the book Old major and the animals met monthly to discuss their feeling about and how they were being treated. They planned to rebel against Mr.Jones the farmer. Dr Martin Luther King did not see other races as enemies, even though white people were treated better than black people.Dr.King led nonviolent protest in hopes of ending racism. He believed all men were created equal and should be judged by their character, not by the color of their skin.He didn’t believe violence would solve problems. In Martin’s “I have a dream” Speech he …show more content…

The whole U.S.A got to hear Dr. King’s Speech opposed to Old Major only having the animals to tell it to. Since the whole USA got to hear Dr. King’s speech so they got to hear how Dr. King felt about his rights as a black male in the USA. Old major on the other hand only had the animals, because humans can’t understand animals when they talk so only the animals knew what was going on about his speech. But Mr. King thought that the world would be a better place if we learned to treat others the way we would want to be treated. And the world would be a better if we can stop racism from spreading more than it has to. So in other words, he wants us to show respect to each and everyone all the

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