Dr Jekyll Accomplishments

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Book from killing, a lawyer in London urban taschen when settle it found a startling discovery: the murderer is developed by the famous scientist jekyll Hyde, to escape their debt, business and multiple pressure and developed a kind of marriage can be a temporary change as another person, including psychological.
Get behind Dr Became a man of character, self-awareness to tell him the name of the body is Hyde, at first he has to control, can be with long-term use of drugs, making his mental is completely change to an abnormal killer, released by killing his own heart.
Eritrea taschen killed after detection of the secret, Dr And also because of the cause of the drug cannot be turned back to Dr Himself again.
Finally, drugs are not rise, Dr Jekyll …show more content…

But in this quiet personality, is a lively young playboy communication field.
He was tied to his reputation achievement character, until one day his research was successful.He turned into Mr. Hyde, he is like a cage beast.He killed people, but very carefree.The release of his desire to get the infinite.But there is no perfect thing in the world, it is impossible to accommodate the sinner.Jekyll, has relied on medicine identity change.Can the both sides of the more obvious between good and evil, until was occupied by evil. The only question is, can you find a way to maintain your getting health?
Maybe we can 't afford to have our own psychological consultant, but we can play games to relax ourselves, or realize any wildest dream in this virtual world. Imaging this, once our Dr Jekyll has some evil minds, he can turn to his computer for help. Maybe he can play some action games to the satisfy his desire for "passion", just like people today. Since the video game is always about the adventures of superheroes, the game will guide question to the daydreaming of everything good but a

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