Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Analysis

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An old man called Mr. Carew was beaten up to death with his own walking cane in the street by Mr. Hyde’s house. A maid sitting on her window saw this and recognized Mr. Hyde as the murderer. The corpse has a letter that was addressed to Me. Utterson, so the investigators went to his house.
When he hears that the murderer is Mr. Hyde, he offers to take the police to his house. Poole, the servant, told the men that Hyde has not been at home for over two months. But when they search the house, they find the other half of the murder weapon.
The police cannot find Mr. Hyde. Because of this, Dr. Jekyll seems happier. Suddenly, he become depressed and doesn’t want to see Mr. Utterson for some unknown reason. Mr. Utterson went to Dr. Lanyon to talk
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