Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Chapter 1 Timeline

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Stevenson, Robert. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, University of Nebraska Press, 1990. Print
The novel starts with Mr. Utterson, a lawyer, who’s going for a walk with Mr. Enfield, his friend. They both walk past a door. The door somehow gives Mr. Enfielda reason to tell a story about a brute of a man who knocked down a little girl. Then he goes through the door to return with a check drawn from Dr. Jekyll’s bank account. Later we out that Mr. Utterson turns out to be Dr. Jekyll’s lawyer. We find out that Dr. Jekyll’s death is to be Mr. Hyde’s responsibility. Mr. Utterson thinks highly of Dr. Jekyll. He is suspicious of this whole arrangement. Nearly a year later, a prominent politician was beaten to death. The murder was witnessed by a maid, who points to evil-oozing Mr. Hyde as the …show more content…

The boys were around the ages 6 through 12. On the island there are no adults, so the boys have to fend for themselves. Ralph is one of the older boys and he becomes chief. When he becomes chief the trouble begins. The boys are afraid of any beast that may have lived on the island. Piggy decides to build a fire by using his glasses. The fire was to send a signal to people who may be passing by the island. Jack is jealous of Ralph because Ralph is in control. Simon is the smart one out of them all, and he works with Ralph to build shelters. The conflicts become not so latent., and the boys who were suppose to tend to the fire were out hunting for a pig. The blood and gore of their hunt was exciting to them until they realized that they were being bloodthirsty. Later the fire goes out and a ship passes by without noticing any of them. By that time a dead man blows in attached to a parachute. He is mistaken for the beast, and the boys want to kill it. Simon believes that they are scared of themselves. They didn’t stick around long enough to notice that the man was already

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