Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Doppelganger Analysis

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Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde- Doppelganger & Duality Everyone has a special place in world where they are welcomed and loved. There is good and evil that exists inside of them whether or not they choose to accept it. Being good and decent doesn 't mean most people aren’t allowed to make mistakes. In fact, by making mistakes, it causes failure that leads to success. The only time mistakes are humanly wrong to society is if they are pursued in a truly evil way. By being evil, it heightens the dual personality in everyone including a good side and an evil side. Thus, it creates an alter ego or doppelganger that seeks to better than the true personality. If a person is pure evil and wants to do good, their alter ego will do everything in its power to be good and fair. If the person is good with evil desires, their alter ego will destroy everything good in the soul. Dr. Jekyll is one lonely soul that tests the limit of the dual personality by transforming into his alter ego. In “The Strange Cases of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde, Robert Stevenson conveys the theme of the dual personality of man by applying the doppelganger style to reflect negatively on society. Dr.Jekyll’s dual nature is revealed through the motivation of committing evil crimes without fear of having consequences for his actions.Held by high expectations in society, Dr. Jekyll hides his darkest desires within himself until he exploits his evil temptation through an alter ego. Before he transforms into Mr. Hyde, Dr.Jekyll

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