Dr King Letter From Birmingham Jail Summary

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By analyzing statements of Dr. King’s word, his words shows very powerful message across the nations because his strong words motivated people to choose right path and fight for their rights. He states that the person, who breaks laws through non-violence, shows the greatest respect for the laws. By his statement, I believed that Dr. King. trying to shows an individual who follows the rule of civil disobedience will greatly shows the respect for laws; even though an individual will punish by the worse consequences. A person who has to willing to accept the result from the direct actions, self-purification. Negotiation, than she /he will be loyal to the rules
The moral responsibilities that Dr. King did nonviolence workshop encouraging Africans Americans to stand out for their human rights. Dr. King shows solutions through Civil disobedience and requesting to remove the store humility racial signs. Even though, many Africans Americans saw their homes and churches bombing, he motivates people to go through Civil disobedience. He explains the African Americans needs to uplifts their personality. King express through his letter no laws can be …show more content…

Dr King explains that just laws making an individual to believe that it is right to do, but it is affecting those individual who are believing it. Just laws shows the face of laws but it does not apply in the society. Dr king contribute by creating awareness among people and putting a clear picture to the real applications and making it visible to black community. He clearfield the difference between laws implications in the society, how African Americans are treated badly, eventhough they are protected by laws. In real theory, they are called as an outsider, and he shows the clear distinction between exclusion and inclusion though an individual is living in the United

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