Similarities Between Martin Luther King Jr And Antigone

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Throughout time, people have always fought for freedom and the chance to express what they believe regardless of who or what stands in their way. Both Martin Luther King Jr. and Antigone symbolize key figures who stood up for what they believed in, fighting for the good life for both themselves and the community around them. Although both cause conflict, protest unjust laws to achieve change, and approach a comparable situation of fighting injustice in society similarly, they had different stakes had they failed. The magnitude of the stakes differ from one another but in both cases, their stakes and what they stand to lose justify the actions they take, as they are not only trying to prevent further conflict but also trying to teach future …show more content…

Through the use of his letter, he is able to tell the general public of why the stakes justify the actions he takes, and why it is important for the acceptance of his plan as more turmoil could be caused otherwise. Dr. King’s letter is an example of him taking action while knowing the stakes that if he fails, the whole Civil Rights movement could fail. It gives a clear understanding of the need to fight unjust laws through his statement that, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” (King). He continues by saying that everyone has a “legal…moral responsibility” to uphold just laws but that people also have the right to “disobey unjust laws” (King). This statement immediately gives pretense to his actions of fighting for freedom through protest. The reason he takes action is because without speaking up, he knows that laws would not change. Dr. King also stands to lose the opportunity to settle and negotiate peacefully as opposed to violently if he does fail. This leads him to take up the initiative to protest using “non-violent direct action” (King). His actions are justified by what he stands to lose

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