Examples Of Civil Disobedience In Antigone

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It’s a cold December day in 1773 as the Sons of Liberty prepare make history. The Sons of Liberty march up the docks of Boston to make the ultimate act of defiance against the newly established laws and taxes implemented by the tyrannous British. The British sought to tighten their tyrannical control on the colonies with unfair laws and taxes, however the Sons of Liberty weren't so willing to be forced to follow these limitations. In revenge, they dumped 92,000 pounds of British tea into the ocean. This was an active representation of civil disobedience. The Sons of Liberty refused to follow these unjust laws and protested by dumping the tea into the harbor. The act of civil disobedience has three important parts to it in order for it to …show more content…

Creating change and prompting a change makes up the final part of what makes an act an act of civil disobedience and Antigone illustrates this. Antigone is able to create change in Creon. Antigone makes this change when Creon realizes his act was wrong and he would make it right. Creon says this “and I will set her free. Now I believe it is by the laws of heaven that man must live (Sophocles 156). Creon finally realizes that he was wrong and Antigone’s act made him realize this. Antigone was able to create change through her action, and thus making her act a civil disobedient …show more content…

Antigone enact this civil disobedience as a way of fighting and refusing to follow an unjust law made by and unjust King. The people of today can learn from Antigone. We the people today can take the courage and strength from Antigone and look the injustice in the eyes and fight back. We can take action like the Sons of Liberty and start a movement against the injustice and unruly laws. We can look to Antigone and partake in civil disobedience in order to make a movement to prompt change for the better in our world today. Today we are all called to enact on our own civil disobedience when we are faced with injustice and unfair laws, we are called to make a stand and a declaration to stand up for what we believe

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